How to Use C-Pool


For optimum results ensure pump and filter are in proper working order, balance pH to 7.2pH, total alkalinity 120 ppm and pool water has been chlorinated 3 - 5 ppm. As a minimum treatment, add 57g ( 2 oz ) of C-Pool per 4500 L (1000 gal) of pool water, which will result in a minimum concentration of 0.5 ppm copper. Distribute C-Pool by sprinkling across pool water surface, every meter or so around the perimeter of the pool, pool, avoiding coping and any stairs. Run filter over night. The next day backwash filter, vacuum pool and backwash filter a second time. (For cartridge filters remove and clean). Repeat this procedure every second day until pool water is diamond clear. This could take up to a week depending upon the condition of the water. Then return filter back to your normal operating schedule. Time may be reduced to 8-12 hours per day, depending on water condition. During days of high temperature and heavy pool use, you should run filter 24 hours a day and you may need to increase use of sanitizer.

Water Quality

Maintenance and preservation of healthy water can only be achieved by making sure the water is flowing and moving steadily.  We recommend that you run the filter 24 hours a day or at least from sun up to sun down with your jets pointed on an angle to produce a rippling effect on the water surface (aerates the water).  If you are using a solar cover never overuse it.  When the cover is on it can cut off the oxygen flow to the water.  Don’t leave the solar cover on for more than a day at a time.  For best results put the cover on in the evening and take it off every morning.


On a weekly basis you should first check the pH level and adjust to 7.2 pH if needed, then add 3.5g ( 1/8 oz ) of C-Pool per 4500 L (1000gal) of pool water. This amount will normally be sufficient, depending on water loss from backwashing the filter, etc. Add sanitizer to achieve an ideal reading of 1 - 3 ppm. If using a brominator or chlorinator, fill and place on lowest setting. It is recommended to shock weekly with liquid chlorine to ( 3-5 ppm ) .


One week before closing pool, add 28g ( 1oz ) of C-Pool per 4500 L (1000 gal) of pool water. Distribute C-Pool by sprinkling across pool water surface, avoiding coping and any stairs.  Run filter over night, the next daybackwash filter, vacuum pool and backwash a second time. (for cartridge filter remove and clean). Then return filter back to normal operating schedule.  On the day of closing drain pool to return jets.  Cap off all lines and winterize pool by adding 10-20 litres of liquid chlorine and cover for winter (no closing kits are required with the use of C-Pool).

1  Kg   =   8.8  Scoops