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Eliminates All Dead Spots

C-Pool Mineral Treatment consists of a balance of naturally occurring minerals. That is, (unaltered minerals taken from the earth that are purified, but their composition remains the same). These water soluble minerals create a habitat unsuitable for growth of algae in any form. Most forms of algae start or grab hold in places called dead spots (around ladders, corners of the pool, around or behind stairs). These areas most commonly have a lower primary sanitizer level because water flow is restricted. C-Pool Mineral Treatment eliminates all dead spots because every molecule of water will absorb the minerals.


Reduces Pool Chemical Dependence up to 50%

The two main concerns with pool water are the control of algae and bacteria.  Bactericidal agents such as chlorine and bromine are good bacteria and algae fighters, but the quantities required result in more expense and unpleasant side effects.  C-Pool eliminates algae.  This allows the bactericidal agent to kill the bacteria more efficiently without having to expend energy on fighting algae growth.

Algae is a plant that thrives in water fed by the warmth and radiation of sunlight.  The algae inhibiting nature of C-Pool blocks the persistent growth of algae.  Unlike Chlorine, which acts as a gas and dissipates quickly, C-Pool lingers, forming a natural barrier for future algae growth.   Because the algae is eliminated naturally, not with chemical burn, the chlorine or bromine needed to kill bacteria is reduced.

Over time, the C-Pool minerals are depleted through the absorption by the algae and a small, inexpensive, weekly dose is needed to replace them.  

C-Pool Mineral Treatment helps to stabilize the water allowing Alkalinity and pH levels to not fluctuate as often.


Reduces Your Maintenance by up to 50%

With C-Pool continuing to linger in the water, algae will naturally die and settle on the bottom of the pool (eliminating the need to scrub walls). C-Pool clarifies the water by flocking it and condensing the suspended particles together. These particles will also then settle to the bottom of the pool or are captured by the filtration system. This drastically reduces the need to be frequently vacuuming for unnoticeable algae and particles.

The C-Pool Mineral treatment replicates what nature does in purifying water to make it crystal clear.

Are you Having Water Problems?

C-Pool is your solution for Perfect Water, we Guarantee it. This All-In-One natural mineral treatment will save you time and money.

  C-Pool - 1 kg   $69.95

C-Pool - 1 kg

  c-pool - 3 KG $109.95

c-pool - 3 KG

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