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Save time. Save money. C-Pool mineral treatment will simplify and reduce your pool maintenance.


Blocks Algae

It is a patented balance of 100% naturally occurring minerals formulated to create a habitat unsuitable for algae growth in all forms. When sprinkled broadly on the water surface the minerals are absorbed throughout the entire pool blocking the algae from feeding any further; eliminating it naturally.


Clarifies Water

C-Pool mineral treatment clarifies the water by flocking all of the suspended particles making your pool water crystal clear.


50% Less Chemicals

C-Pool Mineral treatment uses 100% naturally occurring minerals and is better for the environment by using up to 50% less chemicals.


No harmful additives

With no harmful additives, the water will be diamond clear and noticeably softer on your skin and healthier for your body. The life of your swimwear and filter system is prolonged.


Saves Time

When adding your weekly dosage of C-Pool Mineral treatment future growth of algae is controlled and there will be a noticeable maintenance savings as vacuuming will also be reduced dramatically.


Saves Money

C-Pool Mineral Treatment uses less chemicals and cuts down on pool maintenance costs. Each pail is enough for the entire year, depending on your pool size.


Easy to Use

C-Pool Mineral treatment comes in two convenient sizes to meet the needs of any pool owner. The application chart and simple instructions that accompany each pail of C-Pool make it easy to maintain your pool effortlessly.


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Are you Having Water Problems?

C-Pool is your solution for Perfect Water, we Guarantee it. This All-In-One natural mineral treatment will save you time and money.

  C-Pool - 1 kg   $69.95

C-Pool - 1 kg

  c-pool - 3 KG $109.95

c-pool - 3 KG

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